Easiest Way to Root your Android Device

There are many different ways to root your Android phone or tablet and usually these methods require you to flash the root software to your device. Even though rooting a phone or tablet is not hard once you know how yo do it, it can be scary to root a device the first time. But now there is a way to root your phone or tablet without any risk but using an app.

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Easily Automate Android Tasks

There are many different Android apps available that you can write your own specific automation programs based on location, time, or other requirements. Even though these other apps work very well and can be very powerful these apps can be complicated to setup and requires root access to the phone. A new app called Agent allows you to perform several automation features without having to set it up or have root access to your phone.  Here is how Agent works and what you can do with it.

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Record Gameplay with Nvidia ShadowPlay

I have just upgraded my video card so I can play the new games being released. I have chosen to upgrade to an NVIDIA GTX 770 video card. After upgrading I went from using the AMD ATI software to the NVIDIA GeForce software which I believe is much better.After switching to the Nvidia video card and software I found the awesome feature called ShadowPlay which gives you many features if your computer meets the requirements. Here is a walk-through of setting up NVIDIA ShadowPlay on your computer.

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Free Tools for removing malware and viruses

Working on Virus and Malware issues is probably the second most common problem IT technicians deal with on a daily basis. These issues can be anything from a malware toolbar on a web browser to a virus or worm corrupting a computer.Everyday there are new malicious programs being developed and installed on computers. Here are some of the useful tools I used to clean infected computers of malware and viruses.

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Watch new Movies and TV Shows for free

There is nothing better than getting stuff for free especially new movies for free without watching them illegally. With a new Android app you can exchange your time and attention for free movies and TV shows. Even though this is not exactly free movies since you have to spend your time to get them this app is a great deal for anyone who watches Movies and TV shows.

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Changes to Google Drive

Google Drive is a one of the top cloud storage services available on the web. Google Drive integrates with all of the other google services which makes it even more valuable to anyone who uses Gmail or any other Google service. Google drive is already a great cloud service to use to store documents, folders, and images online and share with friends or coworkers. But a recent announcement from Google have made the service offer more functionality to Google Doc users.

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Google Now Launcher

If you do not know what the Google Experience Launcher or otherwise known as the Google Now Launcher is than you probably do not have a nexus device. The Google Now Launcher is the default launcher on the new Nexus devices and has only been available on those devices. Google created the app and added it to the play store for a limited number of devices but I am sure the devices supported will expand. Google Now Launcher is not a launcher that adds fancy designs or widgets but it provides a core Google services right on the homescreen.

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