Google io 2015

Google I/O 2015

Google I/O 2015 developers conference is happening May 28th at 9:30 AM PDT. If you are not aware Google I/O is one of the biggest conferences for Android developers and fans. Google has announce big products and software releases at previous conferences and this year should be no different.

Project Fi

Google’s new wireless service

Google has recently announced its new wireless service named Project Fi. This is another move by Google to change the standard service contracts. Google’s Project Fi is in the invite process currently and will be a limited service when it is released. But Google Project Fi offers several awesome features to offer to customers.


How to Improve your two-factor authentication

There are many different threats on the Internet now and users have to be aware of these threats and find a way to protect their information. One important step in protecting your online accounts is using two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is typically done using your phone since it is never too far away. But setting […]