There are millions of YouTube channels on a myriad of different topics. And many people already have their favorite YouTube channels, but I wanted to share several channels that are great to watch to improve your outlook and motivate you. Sorry but no cat videos included because even though they may be cute but they… Read More


There are many different great news apps for your phone, but not many apps that have articles about your phone. I am always interested in new Android Apps, tips, and tweaks for my Android devices. And instead of having to search the net for new Android Apps and news there is an app that combine… Read More


A very popular game has been released on Android. The Wolf Among Us is a popular PC game create by TellTale games because of it’s gritty point-and-click gameplay and comic book like graphics. The game developers TellTale games are also behind another popular series of video games, The Walking Dead.… Read More

Headset Box

If you play video games online you know that a gaming headset is a must have. Whether you are playing Call of Duty and talking trash, or playing League of Legends and yelling at teammates a gamer needs a gaming headset. If you look online you will see many different companies offering gaming headsets like… Read More

Moon Landing

Over the years the moon landing has been contested as being faked by many conspiracy theorists . Nvidia the video graphics maker has decided to resolve the questions regarding the moon landing themselves. With the announcement of Nvidia’s new video card technology, Nvidia released a video that shows using science that the Moon landing did… Read More


My daily driver or main smartphone that I have been using is the Nexus 5 since it was released in October 2013. There are many reasons I enjoy using the Nexus 5 and one main reason is the integration of Google Search and Google Now into the smartphone. And since receiving my Nexus 5 phone… Read More

Destiny image from flickr

Destiny is an upcoming multiplayer sci-fi shooter made by Bungie the creators of Call of Duty and Halo. The game has been thought of as the next big multiplayer game. Destiny recently offered a Beta to the upcoming game on PS3 and PS4. I was lucky enough to get a Beta Key and here is… Read More

Towelroot App

There are many different ways to root your Android phone or tablet and usually these methods require you to flash the root software to your device. Even though rooting a phone or tablet is not hard once you know how yo do it, it can be scary to root a device the first time. But… Read More

Agent Android App

There are many different Android apps available that you can write your own specific automation programs based on location, time, or other requirements. Even though these other apps work very well and can be very powerful these apps can be complicated to setup and requires root access to the phone. A new app called Agent… Read More