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This week’s game is one that falls into the category of being fun and educational. There are many education based games for mobile but most of these games a created for kids to learn and play. But this game of the week is made for gamers of all ages. Here’s everything you need to know about Hacked.

Flash Logo

The Slow Death of Adobe Flash

Posted by David Hagy | Blog

Adobe flash has been in the news lately with the new exploits announced and many tech blogs stating Adobe Flash needs to be removed for good. And while this is good advice to delete and forget Flash it is not that easy for businesses. So what can you do if you have to use Flash at the risk of being exploited.

Amazon-3D Store

Amazon which is one of the largest online retailers has launched a new feature on their store. Amazon launches a 3D Printing store to sell you customized 3D Printed objects. The store covers a range of different products including jewelry, collectibles, and home goods.

Google io 2015

Google I/O 2015

Posted by David Hagy | Blog

Google I/O 2015 developers conference is happening May 28th at 9:30 AM PDT. If you are not aware Google I/O is one of the biggest conferences for Android developers and fans. Google has announce big products and software releases at previous conferences and this year should be no different.

Project Fi

Google has recently announced its new wireless service named Project Fi. This is another move by Google to change the standard service contracts. Google’s Project Fi is in the invite process currently and will be a limited service when it is released. But Google Project Fi offers several awesome features to offer to customers.

Mobile Game of the Week

In a new weekly article I am reviewing an mobile game for the week that I love to play and I think you will like to. Some of the games will be available on both iOS and Android and some games will be only on one of the platforms. So to start the Game of the week I am starting with an addicting game that I recently found and I have really enjoyed playing. There are many different types of mobile games and this can best be described as a line game with a twist.


There are many different threats on the Internet now and users have to be aware of these threats and find a way to protect their information. One important step in protecting your online accounts is using two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is typically done using your phone since it is never too far away. But setting up two-factor authentication on your smartphone for all the accounts you have can be confusing and time consuming. But Authy is a new app and service that can make it easier to implement two-factor authentication.

Teracopy Featured

One of the drawbacks to using Windows 7 is the limited file copying utility that comes with the OS. The built in utility is greatly improved in the newer Windows 8 but you don’t have to switch to power up the utility on your computer.

Weather Apps

For the second installment on the series New Apps for the New Year I will go through some new replacement apps for your regularly used apps. Weather apps on our phones and tablets may be one of the most important apps we use. Even though most of the time we use the app there isn’t a big storm or blizzard, it is still important to get up to date and correct weather for our location. So here are some new weather apps that you may want to replace your old app with.


Windows 8 operating system has not been warmly embraced by most PC owners. It is obvious to anyone who uses Windows 8 that it varies greatly from Windows 7. Even though Windows 8 has a pretty bad rap as being a bad Operating System it really depends on who is using it. But there is a cool feature in Windows 8 and that is when when deleting a file the confirmation prompt is gone, this makes the process much faster than in Windows 7. So here is how you can get this feature in Windows 7.