Changes to Google Drive


Google Drive is a one of the top cloud storage services available on the web. Google Drive integrates with all of the other google services which makes it even more valuable to anyone who uses Gmail or any other Google service. Google drive is already a great cloud service to use to store documents, folders, and images online and share with friends or coworkers. But a recent announcement from Google have made the service offer more functionality to Google Doc users.

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Google Now Launcher

google now icon

If you do not know what the Google Experience Launcher or otherwise known as the Google Now Launcher is than you probably do not have a nexus device. The Google Now Launcher is the default launcher on the new Nexus devices and has only been available on those devices. Google created the app and added it to the play store for a limited number of devices but I am sure the devices supported will expand. Google Now Launcher is not a launcher that adds fancy designs or widgets but it provides a core Google services right on the homescreen.

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Stephen Colbert’s RSA Conference Keynote


There has been a lot of controversy around the RSA conference this year after it was leaked that RSA was paid to allow a backdoor for the NSA.  The RSA conference was boycotted by many tech and security professionals after the RSA backdoor was revealed. Stephen Colbert was asked to decline the keynote but he refused and this is a clip of his keynote which is a combination of humor and truth. Here is a clip of part of Stephen Colbert’s keynote that has been uploaded to YouTube.

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Tech Tips of the Week!


My tip of the week comes from dealing with dealing with the problem of dragging an icon out of start menu and on to the desktop. This happens when there are less than knowledgeable about how to use a computer. This can become an issue is there are multiple people sharing a computer and when a different user logs in the icon they need is gone and their think the software is broken.

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Pre-CES 2014 Announcements


CES doesn’t officially start until January 7th but there are tons of Tech journalists already roaming around the CES show floor viewing and writing about the latest devices and gadgets being shown at CES 2014. There have already been quite a few headline devices being reported on at CES 2014 before the show officially started today. The video above gives a recap of these announcements for cool new devices at CES. Check back for more information regarding CES announcements.  What are some of the new devices you are looking forward to from CES 2014?


Best Gadgets of 2013

Best Of

This year has seen a lot of amazing new gadgets released in computer and electronics fields. These gadgets have changed the way we use our electronics. At the end of every year there are always best of the year lists for many categories from gadgets, apps, books, and games. So this is my first ever best of list and this is specifically a list of gadgets from 2013. This list will limit gadgets to electronic devices that does not include computers, tablets, smart phones, or game systems. This makes it a true gadgets list of 2013 and easier to determine the a list of best gadgets of 2013.

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