Mint Bills App Review

Paying bills can be a very stressful experience to many people, and there are many apps that try to make it easier. Usually these apps give you notifications to pay your bills which can be helpful, but the Mint Bills apps takes it up a notch.

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Hacked: Mobile Game of the Week!
Mobile Game of the week - Hacked

This week’s game is one that falls into the category of being fun and educational. There are many education based games for mobile but most of these games a created for kids to learn and play. But this game of the week is made for gamers of all ages. Here’s everything you need to know […]

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Mobile Game of the Week

In a new weekly article I am reviewing an mobile game for the week that I love to play and I think you will like to. Some of the games will be available on both iOS and Android and some games will be only on one of the platforms. So to start the Game of […]

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New Apps for New Year 2

For the second installment on the series New Apps for the New Year I will go through some new replacement apps for your regularly used apps. Weather apps on our phones and tablets may be one of the most important apps we use. Even though most of the time we use the app there isn’t […]

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New Apps for the New Year
New Apps Feature Image

As we start the New Year unlike other posts that talk about what to expect in 2015. I decided to start a blog series about using the New Year as a reason to look at the apps you use everyday and seeing if there are any better or different apps to try. There are many […]

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Articles just for your phone

There are many different great news apps for your phone, but not many apps that have articles about your phone. I am always interested in new Android Apps, tips, and tweaks for my Android devices. And instead of having to search the net for new Android Apps and news there is an app that combine […]

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