How to enable Windows 10 Dark Mode

Windows 10 has done a better job at improving the user experience over previous Windows versions. But some settings are still hidden deep within the Windows operating system. This article will tell you how to change one of these options.There is a little known option in Windows 10 that allows you to turn on a […]

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Windows 10 God Mode
Gode Mode tweek

Microsoft has made many changes with the new Windows 10 operating system that have caused a learning curve when using Windows 10. Once such change is with the control panel and pc settings location. With Windows 10 a computer setting may be found in different places instead of everything being in the control panel. Well […]

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How-To Improve Windows 7 file copying

One of the drawbacks to using Windows 7 is the limited file copying utility that comes with the OS. The built in utility is greatly improved in the newer Windows 8 but you don’t have to switch to power up the utility on your computer.

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How to Easily Delete Files in Windows 7

Windows 8 operating system has not been warmly embraced by most PC owners. It is obvious to anyone who uses Windows 8 that it varies greatly from Windows 7. Even though Windows 8 has a pretty bad rap as being a bad Operating System it really depends on who is using it. But there is […]

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Record Gameplay with Nvidia ShadowPlay

I have just upgraded my video card so I can play the new games being released. I have chosen to upgrade to an NVIDIA GTX 770 video card. After upgrading I went from using the AMD ATI software to the NVIDIA GeForce software which I believe is much better.After switching to the Nvidia video card […]

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