App of the Day: Alarm Clock Xtreme

[S]ome people might be wondering why review an alarm clock? Well for the people like me who use their phones as an alarm clock the stock Android alarm clock has a lot of missing features. The stock alarm clock is built in with the clock app and there is not much you can do with it especially if you are the type of person to sleep through your alarm or just hit it an go back to sleep.

Alarm Clock Xtreme on the other hand had a ton of features and it has a free version. Alarm Clock Xtreme works on all android devices 2.1 and higher which should be almost all the android phones. With Alarm Clock Xtreme you can choose what sound you want for the alarm including using music you have on the phone and once the alarm goes off you can choose to have the volume start low and get louder and louder. You can customize the snooze and dismiss settings as well. You can choose to have a button on screen or if you are the type of person that will go back to sleep you can choose other options like shake device, or solve math problem. You also have the ability to change the dismiss settings to having to shake device, or enter captcha, place in car dock, or solve math problems. You can even change how long a snooze time is as well as the maximum number of times you can hit the snooze button. Also you can change the the behavior if your on a call or have the phone one silent.

One of my favorite features that this app has is that you can add a widget to the homescreen that will show when the next alarm is set to go off. This feature is great because it shows you what your alarm is set to without having to open the app and the widget is small and doesn’t take up precious screen space.

This alarm app is one of the best and most reliable available. With the free version does have ads but they are not that noticeable and you get all the features listed.With all these features and the fact that the app is free definitely makes it an app you should download and try. For anyone who wants to give this app a try you can click on the link to the Play store or just search for it one your mobile device. Let me know if you have any suggestions for alarm clock apps or any other cool apps.

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Clocks nowadays have very different sounds to wake you, but none of them in my experience are welcoming, my current clock has a very high intermittent bleeping sound – which drives me crazy each morning, but without it, I would not wake up, so ironically I do depend on the irritating sound it makes. Perhaps I need to look at alternative clocks that offer a better noise to wake up to?. Traditional mechanical alarm clocks have a bell on top that rings, but digital alarm clocks can make other noises. Simple battery-powered alarm clocks make a beeping sound whereas novelty alarm clocks can speak, laugh, or sing. -;”;

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Very cool idea with having to do a math problem to turn it off. That caught my eye and i downloaded it, we will see if i’m ever late to work.

Yeah the math problem is a very neat feature of the app, I decided just to have my alarm play music which wakes me up because I am not good at math to begin with and might get frustrated first thing in the morning.

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