Apple iPad 3 review

Well I just broke down and bought a brand new 32GB iPad and have been playing around with it for about a week. The first thing I noticed when i started my new iPad was the retina display which is gorgeous especially when displaying text. Once I got my new iPad 3 I keep comparing it with my older Samsung Galaxy Tab and there are several ways in which the iPad beats the Galaxy Tab, but there are a few things about the Android tablet that I wish I could do on my iPad.  So far I have gotten my music on the iPad and I have about 24 apps downloaded already and all but one are free apps. Even though there are several limitations to using the iPad I am very happy with it so far and can’t wait to find more cool apps and tips.




So here are a couple of cool things I found for the iPad:

Downcast: A great pod-catcher app to download all your favorite podcasts.

Evernote: If you haven’t heard of Evernote it is the best to organize and keep your notes in the cloud.

Folders: I like that you can drag apps on top of each other to make a folder.

Flipboard: I really like how Flipboard works on the iPad especially with my Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Extra Dock Icons: When I first got the iPad I was disappointed with the dock but then I found you can add extra icons or folders!


What I found that I don’t like:

App Store: This is the one thing that I hate so far with my iPad, the App store seems not well designed and hard to find apps unless you know what the name of the app is.

Camera: The second downside to the iPad I found was that both the front and back camera doesn’t take very nice pictures. I can understand the front not being that nice but when taking a picture from the back camera the pic was blurry which was disappointing.

Stand: The one thing that keeps pissing me off is the iPad case that is supposed to be a stand with the magnetic cover but every time I use the stand and type on the screen the damn thing falls over. It is a sweet concept but it just doesn’t work and I really don’t like it.


I found this YouTube video with a bunch of cool tips for my new iPad:


Well that is everything I have found from playing with my iPad so far I will be writing more posts about the iPad as I find more cool apps or things that I hate.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for great iPad apps. I do not like to pay for apps but it has become clear to me that I will have to fork over money for iPad apps. Thanks for reading!


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