Apple’s WWDC Get your wallet out

Apple is currently holding it’s WWDC which is its World Wide Developers Conference and it showcases Apples new products and technology. Apples keynote which was 2 hours long previewed IOS 6, New Maps, Passbook, and new Game Center. As well as the new and improved Siri which offers a lot more features and hopefully works better than the current Siri. But one of the big announcements was the next generation MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro looks amazing with the new Retina-Display and is available on Apple website right now! But for me the question is does having all these features make spending at least $2,199 for a 15 inch Laptop worth such a hefty price?

Now down to the amazing specs:

2.3 GHz Quad core i7 processor

8GB of 1600MHz DDR3 ram with the option to upgrade to 16gb

256GB Flash Hard Drive

Dual Graphics: Intel HD 4000 and NVidia GeForce GT 650M with 1GB ram

15.4 inch Retina Display with 2880×1800 resolution at 220 ppi

Thin only .71 inch height and weighs 4.46 pounds

Includes updated Mac OSX Mountain Lion



These specs seem really impressive and I can’t wait to see people using the new MacBook Pro but I have been able to keep myself from buying one so far. My only problem with the new MacBook pro is the huge price tag I wonder do I really need to spend over $2,000 dollars to get a laptop like this. A Windows Laptop with the same specs except for the new Retina Display go for around $1,500 and I am not sure that the new display is worth that much more money. The big questions for the new MacBook Pro are will the display be worth the price? Will Thunderbolt be adopted and how much better is it? Will Mountain Lion be an improvement over the current OSX?

With all these questions still up in the air I am planning on waiting to read reviews of the new MacBook Pro and see if the laptop is worth the price tag. I know people have already bought the next generation MacBook Pro but they have more money than me and think that purchasing the next generation MacBook Pro will make their computing better and I am still skeptical. If you had the money would you buy the new MacBook Pro or wait?

Here are links to check out more info about the laptop:

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