Bitcasa new Online storage competitor

Bitcasa is the newest company to enter the online storage ring with a different view of online storage. Bitcasa is brand new and already getting attention on the web because of their unique features and pricing when compared to the other services.  It is very important to keep your data backed up not only in one location but several and using online storage can make that easier.

Bitcasa is not like any of the other online backup provider because unlike the other online storage providers who offer different pricing tiers depending on the amount of storage you want. Bitcasa offers unlimited storage for a flat fee. Bitcasa has two different plans you can sign up for. They  offer 10GB of online storage and backup space for free. Or Unlimited storage / backup with file version history and support  for $99 a year. This plan is pretty impressive compared to some of the other cloud storage options just because of the unlimited storage space for around the same cost as limited storage space.

bitcasa price


Bitcasa also offers so nice features to go along with the storage space.  Bitcasa offers apps for Android, iOS, and Windows store which allows you to access your files stored on the Bitcasa infinity drive on any device anywhere you need to access them. When you install the Bitcasa software on your Mac or Windows computer you will have a drive  on your computer desktop, and you can copy files to it by dragging and dropping them into it, or you can move files to the drive to have the files stored only on the cloud.



You can also mirror folders, which means that Bitcasa will copy the contents of a folder to your drive, but you’ll also keep the items on your computer so you can use them when you aren’t connected to the Web. Bitcasa will then keep track of any changes you make to files in these folders, and keep them synced.

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One of the features that is very nice and something most cloud storage providers is that all the data backup up to the cloud is encrypted. This means that even Bitcasa would not be able to view the data that is being uploaded. This is a big topic for people who backup data to the cloud because it is a concern that the company can see your data or a third-party could see your data. It is not proven how well the encryption is or how well it will stand up, but it is a nice to see a cloud storage provider offer encryption included.

You can also share your files with friends or anyone you want with Bitcasa, which will create a link accessible by anyone to access the files you want to share. With this you can take and upload photos and then send a link to someone and they can download or view these photos without you having to figure out how to email them.

So should you go out and move all your cloud storage to Bitcasa? No, I think Bitcasa is a great model and I have signed up for the free 10GB and I would suggest it to anyone just to have more free cloud storage.  Bitcasa is still new and there have been a few issue with the cloud synchronization with the different apps, but I think Bitcasa will keep getting better and because it is such a good price anyone who is looking for cloud storage should try it out. Backing your data up is so important as well as backing up in different locations with different services is a best practice. So I would recommend you check out and get the free Bitcasa service and see how you like it as a backup solution and keep other free online storage services like Dropbox, Box, Drive.


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