Could Google be hurting itself by trying to improve?

Google is one of the best companies when it comes to coming up with new product ideas and improving current products and services.  Outside of Android OS which is essentially an open sourced OS created by Google there are many different Google services that people rely on all the time. And while it is great to see Google change direction to come up with different or improved products and services, the constant changes can come at a price of upsetting or losing customers.

Google is not a small company any longer with products that only a few people use, it seems that from one aspect Google is the backbone of the Internet and it can be hard to be such a large force in technology and still able to come up with crazy new ideas. Google has made several changes recently that have angered and frustrated their users and the question is should Google really keep changing what products and services they offer or should they just stick to what they already have?  It is obvious that Google is doing well with their stock price currently at $784 a share which is almost double to cost of another tech giant Apple. So with share prices that high it may seem unlikely to Google would be doing anything wrong but if you ask some users of Google services being cut then they would say Google is doing something wrong.



The Chopping Block

Google has decided to shutdown Google Reader which is one of the best RSS Reader services available and by shutting down this service Google has left thousands of users without a way to stay updated on news and feeds. This move was upsetting to Google Reader users but it was not that surprising considering that Google Reader has not been upgraded or improved on for the past 2 years. Google is known to update and improve all of its services unless they believe it is not worth the time and money to continue improving the product. This has happened before with other Google products where they stop having developers work on the service and just leave it up for a year and then decide to shut it down. Now Google Reader is the most popular Google Service to be shut down but it makes it hard to trust some fringe Google services if they may shut it down. Now just a side note here that any company at any time can shut down a product or web service that we use and it is up to the users to ensure that if the service they are using is one they depend on then the user should either backup the data or use a second service as a backup in case the web service is shutdown unexpectedly.

For me Google has become so ingrained in everything I do from Gmail to Google+ to YouTube, and the many other services that I rely on every day to get things done. I worry about what would happen if Google shuts down a service that I use, one such service Feedburner which I like most other bloggers use to serve RSS feeds and share them with people is a service that Google has not been working very hard on lately and if they decided to stop the service it would cause a great many people a lot of trouble. So even though I love all the cool new ideas Google is working on I always worry about what will happen when they cut a service I use.

Cool New Projects

Even though it is disappointing to see Google closing some services but I am excited to see the many different products and services that Google is working on and beginning to roll out. Google is working on connecting social to all of their other services which is very helpful if you are like me it is very helpful to connect my accounts with Google +.  Another new project that I have really liked is Google Now which is available on Jelly Dean Android phones or higher and in coming to Chrome browser. Google Now has some awesome features or “cards” including; directions to any address you search on Google, sports scores for your teams, weather, voice search, tickets, flights, appointments, and several other cards.

google-now-cardsSome other projects that I can’t wait to see more about from Google are the Google Glass project which could change the way we get information as well as being able to combine staying informed with news and updates as well as being social in the real world and not spending all our time looking at a phone or device. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post all about Google Glass and how it will change the technology standard. There are many other cool new project by Google including Fiber which wants to bring amazingly fast Internet access and TV to homes at a reasonable price. Which is something everyone likes except for the ISP companies that make money by charging a lot of money for supposedly high-speed Internet. These are just the projects that Google is talking about there are always cool new ideas that Google waits to publicize.

Overall I am planning on sticking with Google and riding the wave of new Google products and services. I hope they keep the products I use but just like everything else I have backup plans if a service gets shutdown and I suggest everyone does as well. I think Google’s move to social and trying to come up with new services that people will want is a very good way to run a business. There may be some people angry with Google for shutting down some of the smaller services but I don’t blame them for cancelling services that are not popular and do not have a large enough user base to keep developing and maintaining the service.


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