Easiest Way to Root your Android Device

There are many different ways to root your Android phone or tablet and usually these methods require you to flash the root software to your device. Even though rooting a phone or tablet is not hard once you know how yo do it, it can be scary to root a device the first time. But now there is a way to root your phone or tablet without any risk but using an app.


Towelroot is a newly introduced Android app to make it incredibly easy to root your Android device. Unlike all other methods of rooting in which you connect your device to a computer and flash the root to the phone or tablet, Towelroot roots your device right from the app with one-click.

 What you Need:

To use the Towelroot and root your Android device you need two things:

  •             Android 4.4 (KitKat) device
  •             Towelroot app
  •             SuperSu app
  •             Root Checker app

A quick note if you are not sure what rooting your phone does you want to read this article before you root your Android device.

How to Start:

Unknown Sources must be turn on for you to install third-party apps on your Android Device.
Go to Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources –  Check this box to enable Unknown Sources

Download Towelroot

  • On your Android device go to: http://towelroot.com
  • Click the Lambda icon to download the app Click save to download the towelroot app to your Android Device – May not work on Google Chrome browser

Install Towelroot

  • Open your Notification pane and click on the tr.apk download complete notification
  • This will launch the Towelroot install if you have not checked Unknown Sources you will be prompted to do so now
  • Tap Install

You will receive a warning message stating Google does not recommend installing the app.
This is due to the fact that the app roots the phone which can be a security risk. If you are comfortable with this check the box that you understand and hit install anyway.

Make It Ra1n!

  • Open the app once it finishes installing
  • Click make it ra1n and the app will root your Android device.

That’s It your Android device will be rooted or if it failed to root the app did nothing and you will have to resort to the old way of rooting your phone.

Controlling Root Access

Once you have rooted your Android device you need to install an app to control which apps can use root access.

You want to install SuperSu by Chainfire which manages root access for you and will improve the security of your rooted phone.

Use the link below to install SuperSu from the Play store

 Testing Root

If you do not have a specific app in mind to use to test whether you have root access on your Android Device or not, you can install an app from the Play Store that does exactly that.

To verify your Android device has indeed been rooted you can install the app Root Checker from the Play Store. All this app does is tries to get root access and verify if your Android device has been rooted.


If the app worked after following these steps your Android device is rooted and ready for you to use it to its fullest. Hopefully Towelroot worked for you as it did for me. It is a great app and a big improvement in Android development. I hope this article was helpful in rooting your Android device with Towelroot. Let me know what your experiences are when rooting your Android devices and if you have had any problems with Towelroot.

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