Easily Automate Android Tasks

There are many different Android apps available that you can write your own specific automation programs based on location, time, or other requirements. Even though these other apps work very well and can be very powerful these apps can be complicated to setup and requires root access to the phone. A new app called Agent allows you to perform several automation features without having to set it up or have root access to your phone.  Here is how Agent works and what you can do with it.

Agent – do not disturb & more

Agent is a free Android app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The app helps you deal with five different issues you may have during the course of your day. Once you download the Agent app you will be able to setup 5 different tasks for the app to do on your phone.  These five different tasks are very helpful to Android owners when dealing with their phone throughout the day. Agent can help you save your battery, mute your phone while you sleep, remember where you parked your car, silence your phone during meetings, and handles messages while your driving. Here is a breakdown of what each task does in Agent.

Agent App Main               Agent Battery

Battery Agent triggers at a percentage you choose. It helps conserve battery by giving you the option to turn off Bluetooth, dim your screen and reverts back to normal settings automatically when you charge your phone. Will also let you know how much battery it saved you. You can manually configure each of the settings to turn off when your battery is low
Sleep Agent will silence your phone automatically when you go to sleep. You can configure sleep times for different days of the week, minutes of inactivity before activating, auto response to selected callers and texters during your sleeping hours, list of contacts that can wake you & Bluetooth, autosync, WiFi and mobile data deactivation.
Agent app can also help you remember where you parked your car. This is a great feature for anyone who worries about where they parked. Agent app uses your phone’s Bluetooth or speed to determine a general parking location.
The Agent app can also be used to silence your phone while you are in meetings. The app uses your calendar to determine when you are in meetings.
A very helpful task is the Drive Agent which is triggered by Bluetooth and motion sensing. And can be configured to read your text messages aloud, respond with voice, auto respond to messages and callers to let them know you’re driving and will call them back & only respond to your own hand-picked list

Agent Sleep Setup                Agent Meeting

Once you download Agent app it is very easy to configure the five different tasks to your own personal needs. Here is what the screens look like once you enable the Agent tasks.

Agent Parking Map                 Agent Drive and Parking

The Agent app is very easy to use as compared to other Android automation apps. The app is free and even if you do not need all five of the automation tasks that Agent offers I would recommend downloading it and giving it a try.  Check out the app below on the Google Play store to find out more, read reviews and download. I hope you find the app as helpful for you as it is for me.


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thank you for sharing this valuable information. I have an iphone but I found it interesting anyway. It is pretty cool what you can do with the android system…

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