How to Easily Delete Files in Windows 7

Windows 8 operating system has not been warmly embraced by most PC owners. It is obvious to anyone who uses Windows 8 that it varies greatly from Windows 7. Even though Windows 8 has a pretty bad rap as being a bad Operating System it really depends on who is using it. But there is a cool feature in Windows 8 and that is when when deleting a file the confirmation prompt is gone, this makes the process much faster than in Windows 7. So here is how you can get this feature in Windows 7.

Delete Confirmation

One change in Windows 8 is what happens when you go to delete a file. In Windows 7 if you want to delete a file after you hit delete you get a confirmation prompt asking if you really want to delete the file. At the confirmation prompt you can either hit yes which will move you item into the recycle bin or you can hit no which cancels the deletion. But this is not the case with Windows 8.  In Windows 8 when you go to delete a file, or folder it does not bring up a confirmation prompt to delete the file. After you hit delete in Windows 8 the file is deleted and moved to the recycle bin.

Windows 7 file deletion prompt

Windows 7 file deletion prompt


Here are the steps to change this on your Windows 7 computer to remove the confirmation prompt to delete files. This will not completely delete a file after you hit delete it will still go into the Recycle Bin, you will just not get the prompt to confirm the deletion.

  • Right Click of the Recycle Bin Icon on the Desktop
  • Choose Properties
  • In Properties uncheck the box that says Display delete confirmation dialog

Recycle Bin properties

  • Then hit Apply and then OK.

Once this is done you will no longer get the confirmation prompt when deleting a file. If you ever want to have the confirmation prompt back you can just go back into Recycle Bin properties and check the option and then you will be prompted to when deleting files. It is that easy to get the Windows 8 feature on your Windows 7 computer. I have made a YouTube video showing how you can change you Windows 7 recycle bin settings show check it out below.

This may not be right for everyone, but this is a quick setting you can change to get the functionality that is on Windows 8. Once you get used to not receiving the confirmation prompt to delete files it can make cleaning up files a lot faster and easier. Well I hope this tip has helped you and check back later for some more Windows 8 features on Windows 7.

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