How to enable Windows 10 Dark Mode

Windows 10 has done a better job at improving the user experience over previous Windows versions. But some settings are still hidden deep within the Windows operating system. This article will tell you how to change one of these options.There is a little known option in Windows 10 that allows you to turn on a Dark Mode. So whether you use your computer in a dark room or just want a change in the look of Windows 10 windows this article will help you switch to the dark mode.

The Windows 10 dark mode does not change all of the windows settings. The dark mode change will only affect windows that are part of the Universal Windows apps, so windows like PC Settings, Calculator, Alarms & Clock, etc. will be included it wont change File Explorer and other Windows desktop apps.

Before we get to making the change just an FYI this tutorial uses the registry which if you don’t know how to use can really break your computer. So think before you make and changes.

Now lets get started.

  • First go to start search and enter regedit and click enter or select the result. Click Yes on the Windows User Prompt.


  • This will open the registry editor from here go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER

  • Then go to SOFTWARE – then Microsoft – Windows – CurrentVersion – Themes – Personalize

In the right hand list look for “AppsUseLightTheme” if you don’t see it you can create the key by right-clicking in the window and selecting new-> DWORD32bit value.

Once you create the key or edit the existing one you want to change the Value Data to 0. This will switch the light theme to the dark theme. For the change to happen you will need to log off and log back in.

And that’s it after you log back in you will get the Windows 10 dark mode on your computer. If you every want to change it back you can just go back to the same registry key and change it from a 0 to a 1. This change will only affect your user account so if there are other people that login to the computer. The windows theme on their account will stay the same light theme for their account and if they want the dark mode they would have to do the same steps.

Windows apps after Dark Theme has been enabled.

Now you are using Windows 10 dark mode, and even though it doesn’t change every part of the OS it is a cool way to change your Windows 10 computer.

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