Favorite Apps of the Week

Here is a roundup of my favorite apps of the week. These are some apps that I really enjoy using on either Android or iOS.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Clash of Clans is a new and very popular game on both Android and iOS and the game is a very addicting combat strategy game. In the game you start with your own village and the purpose of the game is to expanded your village and build defenses to protect your village. Once you have your village set you can then make an army to attack other player’s villages or improve your own village defense.

‎Clash of Clans
‎Clash of Clans
Developer: Supercell
Price: Gratis+

Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep is an app I use a lot for several different reasons. Google Keep is a note taking app with so many helpful features. Notes you create are synced to Google Drive and to all devices you have Google Keep installed on. The app also allows you to makes notes with images, links, or voice recordings. Right now Google Keep is an Android and Chrome app only but you can access it through Chrome on iOS and hopefully there will be an iOS app coming soon. If you are looking for an Android app to take quick not Google Keep is a great app to check out.


Fail Blog

Fail Blog   Fail Blog is a great group of funny websites that I love to visit when I want to see something funny. Now there are many Android and iOS apps that allow you to see all the funny content right on a mobile device. One of the Android apps is called Fail Blog and shows images from any of the Fail Blog websites. I prefer this over some of the other apps available because you can scroll through a random image from any of the Fail or Cheezburger websites I really enjoy using this app and it always entertains me especially when I need to kill some time. The app on iOS is just called Cheezburger and allows you to views images on separate Fail Blog websites it is just like the Android app and allows you to get all the Fail Blog laughs on an iOS device. Both of these apps a great for anyone who enjoys Fail Blog and I recommend you check them out.


Android Device Manager

Device Manager   An app I just found for Android devices is Android Device Manager which is a greatly needed app from Google. The app allows you to setup all you Android devices and can be used to manage these devices. The app has several cool features like the ability to help you find your phone or device. This is a find my iphone like service which shows your device on Google Maps and once you have found your device you can either have the app ring your device if it is lost in the coach and the phone will ring all full volume for up to 5 minutes which should help you find it. If you think the phone or device is stolen or lost at a different location you can either lock the phone or device with a new password to stop anyone from getting in or a hardcore move to completely erase the phone or device. This is not an app you use after you set it up but it is a must have in case you are in the bad situation or having lost or stolen device.



Feedly App

Feedly is an app I have started to use as a google reader replacement and I really like the app layout.Feedly is available on many different platforms including Android, Chrome, and iOS. Feedly allows you to follow your news or whatever you care about on your mobile device or web browser. You can add YouTube, Blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts, and more sources to your feedly account. Feedly is a very visual app and works on both phone and tablet formats. When you read feedly on a phone and on a tablet, it will automatically sync with any other devices. Feedly also allows you to share any cool stories to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, as well as Pocket, Instapaper and Evernote. Feedly is a great reader and is an app to check out if you want to catch up on websites or videos.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

I hope you enjoyed my favorite apps blog post and found some apps to download and use on your mobile devices. I am always looking for cool new apps to try out so if you have any Android or iOS app suggestions feel free to let me know in the comments or by using the contact form.

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