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After having to upgrade my smartphone I decided to get rid of one of my many old smartphones  that are just sitting in a drawer collecting dust. When I decided to sell an old smartphone I was not sure where I wanted to sell it, I have had mix experiences selling on eBay and Craigslist so I decided to try out Gazelle. Here is my experience and thoughts about selling to Gazelle and how the process works.

So I was selling my old Samsung Galaxy S 2 which is about two years old and is still on the market for some carriers. The phone is selling on eBay for between $150 – $200, and I would have liked to get that much for the phone but decided not to deal with the hassle of selling on eBay.I figured I would check out Gazelle to see what they would offer me for my old phone. When you go to Gazelle you pick your device from  the list of devices that Gazelle will buy and then you choose which carrier your device is with if it is a cell phone or tablet with 3g. Gazelle buys iPhones, Cell Phones, iPads, Tablets, iPods, Macbooks, and Macs.

Gazelle Devices

Once you pick the type of device you want to sell you choose the Manufacturer , model and carrier if that applies. Once you pick your specific device Gazelle asks what shape the device is in and you have three choices.

Your phone is in this condition if any of the following are true:
Does not power on
Broken or cracked LCD screen
Broken, cracked, or missing parts (buttons, charging port, battery cover, etc.)
Can not be activated for service
Critical features can not be used (touch screen, camera, etc.)
Shows indications of water damage
Your phone is in great working order with some minor cosmetic signs of wear. Your phone has no cracks or missing buttons (power, home, ringer, and/or volume). Must have no indication of water damage.
Your phone is in this condition if all of the following are true:
Works perfectly
No noticeable flaws, still in its package or looks like new
Has zero scratches or scuffs

The phone I was selling was one that I had used so it’s condition was not flawless, but it worked perfectly and there was no damage to the phone so I submitted it as good condition. After entering the condition of the phone I got my offer from Gazelle for $90. I thought that was a pretty good deal considering how long I have had my phone and decided to accept it. When you accept an offer from Gazelle the offer will last 30 days so you have plenty time to get your data of the phone and wipe it and then send it to Gazelle. Once you accept the price you can choose how to get paid. You can choose an Amazon gift card, Paypal, or check. If you choose Amazon gift card you will get  a 5% bonus to your payment.  The only left to do is enter your information and wait for Gazelle to ship you the shipping box and label.

Gazelle Offer

Gazelle states they will wipe the device when they receive it but I wiped my phone and reset it to factory defaults before I sent it just in case. Once you create an account on Gazelle and complete all the info they will send you a box to pack and ship your device. Now in the agreement it states you have to include the cable and power adapter with the device you are sending in. If you do not have the power adapter or do not include it in the box you will probably loses part of the money Gazelle has offered. When you receive the box from Gazelle it shows you exactly what you should do to pack and ship the box back to them.

Once you mail in the package Gazelle sends you email updates and every stage which is really nice to a point that is almost annoying. I received 4 different emails after they received the package. The first email was to say they got it, the next email was to say they opened the box and that they were inspecting my device. The last email was to say they finished their inspection and confirmed the price they quoted. The last email they sent had the Amazon gift card number for payment for my device. I like that they are so consumer friendly but I got a little annoyed when I got an email from them that wasn’t my payment. When I did get the payment email all I had to do is copy the gift card code and go to Amazon and add it to my account and then I had money to buy something new.

Amazon Gift

This post is not an ad I have not been compensated I just wanted to share how easy it was for me to use Gazelle and how happy I was using the service. Your experience may be different but I hope if you use Gazelle it goes as well for you as it did for me. You may not get the most money from Gazelle compared to selling on a marketplace but I think the added security and ease of the service makes up for the difference in amount you would get paid. So if you have some gadgets to sell you should check out Gazelle and see what they will pay for them.

Have you used Gazelle and if so what was your experience?

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I also had a positive experience with Gazelle this summer. I opted to receive the cash via paypal and it was sent shortly after they received my phone and inspected. However, I do think they’re downfall is that they offer way less than eBay and Craigslist, but I guess they need to be able to resell the phones at a profitable price. Gazelle definitely was more convenient than selling it directly to an individual buyer.

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