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Google Chrome has begun to take a larger share of the browser and there are many reasons why you should think about switching your browser. Google Chrome is a lot like Mozilla Firefox but while Firefox is criticized for being unbearably slow Chrome browser manages to stay quick.  Picking a Web browser is about your personal choice and I will explain why I use Chrome and why should give it a try.


Google has touted Chrome as the fastest web browser available and while it is hard to prove the web browser is quick to load web pages. Chrome has also leapfrogged IE as top browser with 32% of the market. Google Chrome is available all many platforms including; Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Google lists many reasons on its website why you should use Chrome but here are my reasons.

  • Browser Sync – this feature works when you login to your Google account on all devices and then any bookmarks you have or open tabs will be synced to any device. This will work on all platforms as long as you have Chrome running and are signed into your account you will be able to view a tab on your desktop and then view it on your Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet. You will also sync your bookmarks across all devices which saves you from having to use 3rd party software like x marks which syncs bookmarks across devices.

  • Themes – If you are like me and want to spice up your browser you can download themes that change the look of Chrome toolbar and New tab page. This is a common feature with browsers but Chrome has a large selection of free themes to download.


  • Chrome Extensions – If want your browser to have additional capabilities you will want to use Google Chrome.  Apps from the Chrome Web Store use powerful new web technologies to give you the best productivity, education, and gaming experiences, always just a click away on the New Tab Page. No matter if you want to play games in the web browser, write code, read RSS feeds, or write notes the Web store has thousands of apps that will help you extend the browser.


If you are using Google Chrome then there are two sites you should visit to see some of the cool experiments being done at Google on Chrome.


These are just a few features that make me want to use Google Chrome on all my computers and devices.  Google Chrome has loads of features and customizations and anyone who wants a different browsing experience or wants to sync your browser through all your devices should download Google Chrome.  Google is constantly working to improve Chrome and make it as useful a browser as possible.  These are why I continue to use Google Chrome on all my devices even when new browsers are released.



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