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Hacked: Mobile Game of the Week!

This week’s game is one that falls into the category of being fun and educational. There are many education based games for mobile but most of these games a created for kids to learn and play. But this game of the week is made for gamers of all ages. Here’s everything you need to know about Hacked.

Hacked – Mobile Game of the Week:

Hacked changes the way you code on your smartphone or tablet. The game has the look and feel of Tron crossed with Tetris. The game is created to help the player learn how to code and is based on completing logical problems with writing a code to solve the problem and complete the level.

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The game has three different modes, first is the story mode where you play as a hacker who has to solve problems to improve the world. The story mode is very long and will keep you playing for hours and hours. If you want to try something different you can play in freestyle mode where you can write your own game and share it with other “hackers” to play, or you can browse games created by other “hackers” and experience what other people have written. This is another way to continue to learn coding techniques and see what other people have used to create their games. The last mode is called robot, in robot mode you can really show off your coding skills by creating an AI of a virtual robot and share your virtual robot to so everyone can see what you can do.

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The app allows you to sign in with your Twitter account to create a profile and share your hacking success with your Twitter followers. Hacked also has in-app purchases of hackoins, which is the in-game currency and you can use them to open up additional puzzles or get help when your stuck on a level. The game may seem lighthearted and fun but the story mode makes the game more real and intense. As you try to save the world using hacking skills. The app is based around logical problems that are in most programming languages so this app can be very useful when trying to learn how to code.

So Hacked app is a fun and educational app that can help you learn the problem solving and logic skills needed to start programming and hacking. The app challenges you with harder and harder levels so you will not get bored with the app. So if you want to learn to code or be a hacker I would check out Hacked app for a fun way to learn on your phone or tablet. This is my game of the week pick and I hope you like it. Let me know if you have any games I should check out.


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