How Google is saving the Internet

Google is trying to make everyone aware of the upcoming ITU conference that could have a lasting impact on the internet and how it is used. Google is stating that the ITU is the wrong place to make polices about internet use.

The ITU is International Telecommunication Union which is a specialized group of the United Nations and they come together and make decisions on the new technologies like HDTV and IT patents. ITU is holding a conference in Dubai next month where government representatives plan to tackle a new information and communications treaty — one that at least some countries hope will shift some oversight responsibilities from US-based groups like ICANN to an international organization. This meeting has many people including Google concerned over the future of the Internet.

Google’s Concerns

Google has many concerns over this upcoming meeting of the ITU mainly the fact that the meeting will be a closed door meeting with only government regulatory officials and the public is unable to comment. Google is also saying that some Governments could use the new treaty to take away people’s right to free speech on the Internet is some countries or even remove Internet access all together.


Google is also warning that changes to the treaty would allow some countries to charge internet services to provide content in that area and this would mean a reduction in Internet services to users in some countries and that can lead to a loss in innovation in emerging markets around the globe. There have been many governments already that work to censor citizens from all the content available on the Internet especially if that content questions or disagrees with the government positions.


Google has always wanted to ensure that people has access to all of the internet without being censored by governments. To stop the ITU from changing Internet access without input from public companies and Internet users Google wants people to go online and voice opposition to the upcoming ITU meeting just like the opposition to SOPA and PIPA. Even though some of Google opposition has to do with losing profits from search I agree that the Internet should be open to everyone and Governments should not be able to block or censor it. If you want to find out more information about the upcoming meeting and what Google thinks check out the links below.


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