How to change User Account Picture

If you are tired of the same account picture showing when you login or when you click on the Start Menu you can change the user Account picture to a default Windows account picture or even a custom picture if you want. This tutorial will show you how to change the picture and include links to download Account pictures other people have made.

Before changing the Account picture you should know that this tutorial is for Windows 7 only and to make the change your account must have Administrator access on the computer.

Step 1. Click Start -> Click the Account Picture on the top Right of the Start Bar


Step 2. Then on the User Account screen click Change Your Picture


Step 3. You can now pick from an Account picture from several default account user pictures


Step 4. If you want to choose a custom image click Browse for more pictures


Then browse to the folder where the pictures are these are User account pictures that someone has made and shared on there are 50 pictures in the collection which you can download here:

DeviantArt UAP

If you want to use your own image you should use dimensions of 128*128 pixels

Step 5. Once you click open after you have chosen the picture you want to use it will be your User account picture and you can check this by going to the Start Menu


Now you can customize your User account picture. If you want a more in depth tutorial on changing the default User account picture then you can find it here.

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