How to get all Software on your Computer

I recently just upgraded to a new computer and after building my new computer and installing Windows 10. During the process, I had to deal with  knowing all the software I have installed and getting it installed on my new computer. Here is how you can get information on the software and licenses on your computer.

Belarc Advisor

Which is freeware software that gathers information on your computer and exports an HTML report for you to save or print. The report includes tons of information on your computer not just software. You also get the security benchmark, security update status, hardware infomation, software licenses, and much more. This is very useful if you want an all-in-one view of your computer. So here’s how to get Belarc Advisor and run it on your computer.

Warning: This software requires Admin rights to run!

  • Go to Belarc Advisor website 
  • Click the Download button to get the software.


  • Once the download completes run the AdvisorInstaller.exe
  • You will then be prompted for Administrator rights before installing.
  • Click I Agree on the license agreement.

  • Click Install to complete the installation.
  • Once install is complete you will be prompted to update Belarc Advisor, click No to start Analyzer.

  • The computer scan will then start analyzing and it may take several minutes to complete.

Immediately after the analysis scan completes it will open the scan report in your web browser. This report contains almost everything about your computer starting at the top with a summary. The report does a good job of breaking up the information in subheadings. The summary contains the basic information like Name, Operating System and System hardware.  So you can also use Belarc Advisor to scan hardware to look for issues. The report even includes more advanced information including users accounts and locked status and network connection information. But if your like me and want a list of installed software, at the bottom of the report for me is a long list of installed software with app version and license information. The only downside I see in the app is it includes ads for their paid software but that is to be expected with free software. Hopefully the Belarc Advisor can help you like it’s helped me and let me know if you have any suggested software for me to review.



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