How to Improve your RDP experience

RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol is one of the most ubiquitous IT tools available an is used for anything from connecting to workstations to troubleshoot to connecting to servers. But there is a way to make RDP even more useful and it is not widely known. So here’s how you can improve your RDP connection to make your job easier.

This improvement should work on Windows 7 and above but I have only verified it on Windows 10 so your mileage may vary. So I have often found myself trying to figure out how to move files to a computer I am going to be remoting into normally to install software on it. But there is a setting in Remote Desktop to allow you to attach local drives to remote computers. And it even works when you RDP into a virtual machine and computers on other domains as long as you can connect to it. This is done through changing a setting in your RDP default connection. The location of the default RDP file is usually “C:\Users\Documents\Default” This file holds the default settings for your profile that RDP uses to connect to remote computers.

Enable RDP Drives

To enable to drives feature in RDP follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to Start -> Search
  • Enter RDP in the search box
  • Choose Remote Desktop Connection at the top
  • Click on the Show Options down arrow at the bottom
  • Then click on Local Resources tab at the top
  • At the bottom of Local Resources click on the More button
  • Click the + next to Drives
  • A list of drives connected to your computer will show, check the box next the Drive you want to connect.
  • Then click OK to close the box
  • Go back to the General tab
  • To save changes to the default RDP profile click Save
  • Or click Save As to create a custom profile

Now the next time you connect to a remote computer the drive/s you choose will connect automatically. Or if you have a removable drive to connect if you check the option “Drives I plug in later” any drive you plug in will be connected to the remote machine. And if you have many computers or servers to remote into you can setup specific RDP profiles for each type of remote machine and have specific drives connected for those machines.  Here is a video I made showing the process of adding drives and what they look like while connected.


Well now you can improve your RDP use and make things easier for yourself. I hoped this articled helped all you RDP users out there. I know it has made my life so much easier. Let me know in the comments below if you have any RDP tips or already use the remote drive feature.

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