How to protect your Web Browser

While surfing the web your web browser and computer can be attacked at any time from malicious scripts. It is easy to think that by avoiding questionable sites and only going to well known sites will protect you from these attacks, but that is not the case there can be malicious scripts on any website even if it is respectable. There is a way to help protect your web browser from these attacks the question is it worth it?

It is very important for your computer to have many different layers of security to defend it from viruses and malicious code. For help choosing an antivirus software for your computer view my previous blog post. But antivirus is not enough by itself to protect your computer from malicious code. When you browse to a web page all you may see is a static page, but the webpage is not static there is code being run in the background while you are connected to the page. Usually the code being run in the background is there to improve the website but that is not always the case. Hackers can replace normal web scripts to help improve the website with malicious ones that can infect computers without anyone noticing. Now if this does happen your security software or antivirus should stop the virus from being run on the computer but there is another way to stop the malicious code.

On Mozilla Firefox you can install an add on NoScript and this add on does exactly what its name says. NoScript blocks all banners, ads, JavaScript and Java code and other potentially harmful web site attributes. NoScript will automatically block all of these when you first install it, and if you want these scripts to run on website you trust then you have to add it to a whitelist of sites. This is where running NoScript can become annoying if you visit many different sites daily and you are not sure if you want to whitelist the site you will view the site content without any scripts and it may take away from the website experience.

How to setup NoScript in Firefox


If you are using Google Chrome you can also install an add on to protect yourself while browsing the internet. If you install NotScripts you will get a NoScript like blocking service that will block scripts on website before they run on the website. To start setting your own whitelist of websites you have to set a password and once that is done the add on will allow scripts on the sites you add. One of the downfalls of this add on is that it can require a certain amount of work and can turn people off from using it.

Both NotScripts and NoScript and great to use to help protect your computer and web browser but they add extra work while browsing which can turn people off. Using these add ons is one way to improve your computer security but it may be to hard to use and cause a disruption in web browsing that you decide not to use it. But I suggest that you install the add ons and see if you can live with having to use them because the add ons will be another layer of security to protect your computer while surfing the web. To find out more about each add on and why you should use them check the links below.



Using NoScript correctly

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