How to save money without doing anything

I always like to buy new tech gadget, but unfortunately my wallet does not like it when I purchase a high priced gadget. I have tried many different sites that offer coupons for other online retailers and these sites can be hard to navigate to find a working coupon for the retailer you want to buy from. I have come across a service that will look for coupons for you and will apply them to your purchase to save you money without wasting time looking for coupons.

Well my post title might not be entirely correct; there are a couple of steps you need to take to set up the app on your computer. Honey is a browser plugin that works for Google Chrome and will support other browsers soon, and it automates the entire process of hunting the Internet for coupons. Honey has just launched and already Honey works with over 100 different online stores in both the US and UK. Some of the stores that Honey works with include; Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Home Depot, & JCPenny. Once you add Honey to your browser it just sits there until you go to check out from an online retailer. Then Honey will go back to its servers to try and find a discount or coupon that you can use while checking out. Honey works by surfing through many different coupon and deal sites and takes those coupons and adds them to their database and them when a user is checking out it will look through the database for a coupon and apply it to the order all while the user sits there.


Now that you know more about Honey you may want to know how to install it. It is very easy to install on Chrome with support for Firefox coming shortly. But I believe Chrome should be your default browser because it has so many advantages over Firefox or Internet Explorer. So it is extremely easy to install Honey on Chrome, you just need to go to the Chrome Web Store page and hit the Add to Chrome. Then it will add the plugin to your Chrome browser and that is all you have to do to install Honey, once it is installed and you go to a checkout page there will be a find savings button next to the coupon box. Then Honey will do its magic and try to find a coupon for you. Now it is important to note that this service is very early on it the development so it may not always find a coupon for your purchase, but it is easy to setup and can help you save time and money.

Honey Web Site

Honey Review

Here is a video of Honey in action:

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