How to start Blogging

If you ever wanted to start a blog but didn’t know how I will show how to get started and give you some tips to make your blog better. If you have knowledge and ideas related to a certain subject and not sure that just posting on Facebook or Twitter is the right place than this post will give you an idea of how you can share your knowledge with blogging.

Blog is short for Weblog which is internet jargon for an online journal. A blog  is a great place to share your thoughts and opinions. Usually blogs are a collection of posts that are related to a certain topic, but that is not always the case you can write about many different topics on the same blog.  Now before we jump into starting a blog it is important to note that blogging is all about attracting readers and if you only write one or two articles on your blog you won’t get a large following which is fine if you don’t want that. Most people who write blogs want readers and followers of their blog but that is not necessary if you want a blog for your family and friends you can do it but there may be other ways instead of a blog.


First Step: Decide what your blog is about

The first step in starting a blog is to get a handle on what you want to talk about and pick the main topic for your blog. Now this can be anything from Cars, Cooking or Pets. But it is important to have a topic picked out first as it will affect the next steps in starting a blog. Now if you are planning on start a personal blog in which you are going to talk about your experiences and opinions then that will be your topic and you will use it in the next step.

Second Step: Decide how you are going to host blog

Now that we know we want to start a blog we have to find someplace to host it. Now if you plan on making it a profession and making money you will want to look into hosting your own website and blog but that takes time and money so you can use a free blog provider.  Now I would recommend 1 of 3 blogging providers; WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr  offers free and paid blog hosting and WordPress is well known for blogs and offers tons of options and themes so you can make your blog one of a kind. You can use WordPress without needing  technical skill or experience they offer an easy to use interface and step-by-step directions to setup your new blog. which is a competitor to WordPress and offers a free blog. Blogger is run by Google which is nice if you already have a Google account. Blogger offers many features including mobile support and themes for your blog. which is not for blogging but for photo blogging anyone who takes pictures and wants to share them should choose tumblr over the others.


Each of these sites of very good blog hosting and allow you to make your blog look professional even though it is free. When you decide which hosting site to use you want to look at examples of blogs hosted on each provider. And then think about what you want to do with your blog and then just try one and see how you like it. All of these sites offer plugins to make blogs better and have good support communities if you run into problems.


So now that you know about blogging and free blogging platforms you should go out and start writing. I will include links to other resources to help get you started. Enjoy and Good Luck!


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