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There is a really cool program going on right now that is a win win for gamers and charities. The Humble Bundle brings together developers and video gamers to help raise money for worthy charities. Depending on the current offer the games in the bundle can be indie, Android, iOS, or Windows which offers tons of new games for gamers to start playing.

The current Humble Bundle is with THQ video game developer who has released many popular video game titles including Company of Heroes and Warhammer. The bundle is only offered for 13 days and there are 7 days remaining. The Humble THQ Bundle has an amazing deal that gamers should take before the time runs out. You can choose how much money you would like to donate as long as it is more than $1. By donating more than a dollar you will get Steam product keys for each of these games as well as soundtracks to go along with each game. You can’t beat this deal there are many popular games included that will give you many hours of fun gameplay.

Games included in the Humble Bundle are

If you donate more the $6 you will also get Saints Row: The Third which is 7 PC games for less than the price of one. Now another reason to buy the bundle is that is that it helps two great charities. Buyers can choose where their purchase amount goes. Contribute to vital non-profits Child’s Play Charity and the American Red Cross, two fantastic organizations doing significant work to help millions of Americans. You can also designate your purchase amount to THQ, or if you choose, you can give your donated amount to Humble Bundle to help pay for there costs. This is a really neat idea by being able to totally control what portion of your donated amount goes to the Charity, the developer, and Humble Bundle company.

After you make a donation you will get the Steam product keys that will be used to add the games to your Steam account and once they are added to your account you can download them and keep them indefinitely. You can also give the Humble Bundle as a gift all you would need is the persons Steam account, which should be hard to get and when you make your donation you can enter that information during checkout.

This idea of donating money to get games is great and very generous, I hope Humble Bundle will have a lot of money to send to the charities. Right now there have been 642,597 bundles purchased which is great for the charities. I hope that with 7 days left there will be over a million Humble Bundles sold which would make a great impact on many people lives through the two charities.



Humble THQ Bundle

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