Mint Bills App Review

Paying bills can be a very stressful experience to many people, and there are many apps that try to make it easier. Usually these apps give you notifications to pay your bills which can be helpful, but the Mint Bills apps takes it up a notch.

What is Mint Bills?

You may have heard of Mint an online service provided by Intuit, which lets you track all of your financial accounts and monthly spending. Well Mint Bills is another service and app they offer which allows you to add your accounts and pay your monthly bills automatically from your phone.The app also includes bill notifications so you will know in advanced that your credit card bill is new. PSA: Just to let you know the Mint Bills app works by having you log in to your bank and bill providers inside the app so the app can connect to those accounts. This is similar to the regular Mint app, but if you are not comfortable giving them this access them this app will not work for you.

How to use Mint Bills?

To get started you will need a Mint account, if you use there other service you can use the same account but if you don’t you will need to sign up. This can either be done through the app or if you would prefer you can setup your accounts through the mint website.Once your have a Mint account the next step is to add your accounts for your bank and bills. By adding your bank accounts you can pay your bills right from the app. To add your accounts is very easy, the app has builtin many common companies so when you pick your bill company you will normally just need to enter your login credentials from the company and the app will be able to connect to it. See below for the how this looks in the app.
Once you have all your bills added to the app now comes the cool part. When you open the app you first see your bills dashboard, this shows how much money you have in the bank account you added and the total amount of your bills and the number of due bills. This gives you a quick and easy look at your finances. From here by clicking on the bills section you can see your upcoming and paid bills. There is even a calendar view which will show the monthly calendar and your bill due dates. On your upcoming bills click pay will take you to a screen where you pick the amount and date that the bill is paid. Mint Bills app allows you to schedule your bill payments so you can pay your bills when it works for you. Once you have completed the payment process you will get a receipt as proof and the bill will be marked paid, even if you scheduled it for a later date.

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The Mint Bills app has several helpful features including;

  • Upcoming bill notification on your phone, you will get a notification in advanced of your bill being due so you wont be caught off guard and have a late payment.
  • Free Payment Options: Provides free checking account payments and bill tracking for an unlimited number of payments per month.
  • In app reports: Mint is known for their reports, the Bills app is no difference you can access reports on your spending categories for the month to help you manage your budget.

Mint Bills app is a great resource for anyone who worries about paying their bills on time. I personally have noticed that after using Mint Bills I have not had any issues with missed or late payments. So if you want an app to help you remember when to pay your bills this app takes it a step further by notifying about your bills and paying them right from the app. So go to your app store and try it for yourself.

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