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In a new weekly article I am reviewing an mobile game for the week that I love to play and I think you will like to. Some of the games will be available on both iOS and Android and some games will be only on one of the platforms. So to start the Game of the week I am starting with an addicting game that I recently found and I have really enjoyed playing. There are many different types of mobile games and this can best be described as a line game with a twist.

One More Line

One more line is an addicting game available on both the App Store and Play Store. One more line is a minimal game with a very simple objective, go up! So you might be thinking that a minimal game with a simple objective would be boring, but it is the exact opposite, One More Line is a crazily addictive game that will keep you playing. The app is a free game with in-app purchases that you can choose to buy. The game has app breaks in between some of the games as well as an banner ad at the very bottom of the screen.  This can become very annoying if you are playing the game over and over and have to see full screen ads before getting back to the game. You can get rid of the ads if you don’t want to deal with them, with an in app purchase of $2.99. This seems a bit expensive compared to similar genre games but you can purchase it if you are too annoyed by the ads.

One More Line Gameplay

One More Line game objective is to go up or forward without running into the objects on the screen. But to avoid these objects and keep going you press on the screen you will start swinging around the the objects with the goal of continuing to go forward. The closer you are to the object the faster you will spin around it. This gameplay is very easy to pick up which is another way the game becomes addicting. One part of the gameplay I love is the trail of colors that follow you as you go through the game. You rack up points by going forward and you want to try to get a high score.  You can see your high score and if you wanted to know how addicted you are to the game, it records the total number of tries. When you crash into an object the line explode into different colored shapes after you crash.  This turns amazing cool shots of you crashing.

One more line collage

Even though the gameplay is simple the game is extremely difficult, for the game you have to have great timing to swing around an object and can hit another one. You also have to avoid the wall if you are not attached to an object. There are two different ways to go about playing One More Line either rapidly tap the screen to slingshot between two objects to try and get higher and higher. Or you could tap and hold to swing around the object to get a better angle in the game. The last feature of the game is after you die the game gives you the ability to save a screenshot or share it with the many social media platforms so you can share the cool design you made while playing the game.

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Overall I would say this is a minimal looking, fun, and addicting game that is not like any other game I have seen. The gameplay will not only make you want to get further and further each time, but you will want to see the different type of design you make while playing. The only downside of the game to me is the ads that can be annoying when you want to play and the higher cost to get rid of them. I would recommend you check it out and see if you are addicted to playing it as I was. Let me know what you think of One More Line and if you have any suggestions for mobile games. Click below to check out the games in the Play Store and App Store.



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