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New Apps for the New Year

As we start the New Year unlike other posts that talk about what to expect in 2015. I decided to start a blog series about using the New Year as a reason to look at the apps you use everyday and seeing if there are any better or different apps to try. There are many apps we count on everyday whether they are alarm clock apps, weather apps, or other apps. And sticking to the same apps we use everyday, there are other new or improved apps that are even better. So to start the blog series here are some new replacement alarm clock apps for the New Year.

If you use your phone as an Alarm Clock to wake up in the morning then it is very important that the app works every time. The new Android 5.0 Lollipop update has introduced new Material design and apps are quickly updating their UI to work with the new design interface. So since we have started a New Year lets take a look at some new Alarm Clock apps for Android:

Morning Routine – Alarm Clock

Morning Routine Alarm Clock app is a very powerful alarm clock app that has just been updated to use the new Material design. The update makes the app look amazing, if only every app could look this good. So what does Morning Routing do? Morning Routing lets you choose how advanced your alarm should be. To start you can setup one alarm or multiple alarms, specify days, choose the alarm ringtones and turn them off in the morning with the press of a button. But the app does not stop there, it has extra features that make the app worth using. Morning Routine will track how long it is taking you each day to turn off your alarms. If you are someone who is terrible about getting up, with Morning Routing you can setup the alarm where each step can have its own turn-off requirement which puts the alarm in snooze for as long as you’ve defined before the next step. These steps can include requiring a specific bar code to be scanned to stop the alarm. Once you dismiss the alarm you a greeted with a Good Morning screen with your current weather. The apps even allows you to automatically start an app or webpage after a step, or if you really want to automate you wake up, Morning Routing has Tasker support, which really opens up the possibilities of your morning alarms. This is a great app to take you alarm clock to the next level in the New Year.  Play Store Link


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Life Time Alarm Clock:

Life Time Alarm Clock is another great app to check out for your alarm clock. Life Time Alarm Clock is also a good looking app even though it does not use material design. The app is broken down into three sections, Clock, Alarm, & Tools. You can use the Clock section as a clock and it has a wall clock like display along with the digital time. Also this shows your upcoming alarm time and day. When it comes to your alarms, Life Time Alarm Clock has tons of options. You can create alarm groups for certain days you need to get up. When you create an alarm you can choose from a peaceful gradual wake up, everyday normal alarm, and Fast and Hard alarm for the people who struggle to get up. The app has a great dragging UI that allows you to fine tune your alarm. You can choose a pre alarm, alarm, and snooze limit. The pre alarm is a quit tone before the alarm, and the snooze limit will keep you for continue to hit the snooze button. You can then choose your alarm tone, which the app has a lot of tons for free and some In App Purchase alarm tones. If you want to wake up to your rock and roll music there is also an option to choose an alarm from your music. If you need some extra motivation to get up you can set challenges in the app that you have to complete for the alarm to go off. The challenges vary from a memory game, addition, and multiplication. You can set the difficulty level of the challenges and the duration. The app also includes a cool way to snooze your alarm, with the flip to snooze option enabled you will snooze the alarm by flipping your phone over. The alarm will then be snoozed until the set time is up.Overall Life Time Alarm Clock is a great looking app with lots of different features to help get you to wake up. Check out the app if you want to spice up your old alarm clock app. Play Store Link

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So hopefully these two alarm clock apps have helped you start off the New Year by refreshing your apps for new ones. This is the first in a series of posts to help you find some cool and improved apps to replace your old apps. Let me know if you switch to one of these apps or if you have any other app suggestions.

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