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Ever wanted to play real games on a web browser, now you can. I just stumbled onto a website called Gaikai which offers free gaming right from the web browser. This site works with  Safari, FireFox, Chrome, and IE.  This gaming site is not like any of the  sites like Zynga or Facebook games. You can play new graphic intensive games right from Gaikai on any computer or tablet.


So far there are 40 games on Gaikai and some of the games include:

There are some amazing titles on the website and all you have to do is hit play now, wait for the game to load and then enjoy the gaming awesomeness. The games can be played with a keyboard or a game controller.  These games are intense and should only be played on a good Internet connection.  The way Gaikai can do this is because the games are demos so it is not the full game but you get plenty of gaming out of the demo. The website is great for anyone who likes to play games and doesn’t want to buy a game before trying it or if you are bored and want to waste time playing games just go to the site and hit play now and you have instant gaming. There is no need to download any application for this to work and after you play the game for a while and decide to buy it you can buy it right inside the interface.  Anyone who likes to play games but doesn’t want to buy them should go to this website and try it out.

I have an iPad and I am always looking for cool games to play on it for free because I hate paying for games. If Gaikai can serve game demos to my iPad and they are playable that would be great, but I am not sure how the game interface will work with a touchscreen tablet without a keyboard and mouse. The only other question i have about this cloud gaming platform is how much bandwidth does it use and can Gaikai keep there network speeds fast enough for the games to be responsive.

No matter cloud gaming is here and unlike Onlive which is a competitor where you pay a monthly fee for PC games over the cloud, the fact that Gaikai is free is a definite plus.  Cloud gaming will continue to improve with new technology and as long as game makers work with Gaikai the company should be able to backup their promises. As far as I am concerned no matter what type of gamer you are Gaikai is a site you need to try and see if you like the games available and the game play.

Check out this cool video previewing the site and then head over there and play games instead of working!


Stephine Lisa

Nice list of games. I played many of games among this list and i always love to play some interesting games. Gaikai offer a free gaming right from the browser that’s really a great for gamers.

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