Record Gameplay with Nvidia ShadowPlay

I have just upgraded my video card so I can play the new games being released. I have chosen to upgrade to an NVIDIA GTX 770 video card. After upgrading I went from using the AMD ATI software to the NVIDIA GeForce software which I believe is much better.After switching to the Nvidia video card and software I found the awesome feature called ShadowPlay which gives you many features if your computer meets the requirements. Here is a walk-through of setting up NVIDIA ShadowPlay on your computer.

[dropcaps round=”no”]N[/dropcaps]VIDIA ShadowPlay is a new software feature that is installed with NVIDIA GeForce experience software. The GeForce experience is the main software for managing your NVIDIA video card. The software is installed with newer versions of NVIDIA video cards and can do many different things. With NVIDIA GeForce experience  you can install video card driver updates automatically from the software. You can also use the GeForce experience to optimize your video games for your computer hardware and when you optimize in GeForce experience software it will be applied to your video game settings. The last feature is I think the coolest feature, NVIDIA GeForce ShadowPlay allows you to record your gameplay without any additional software. With  NVIDIA ShadowPlay you can record up to 20 minutes of you previous gameplay by hitting a hotkey. This allows you to save your gameplay when you want and after you have played an awesome round. And unlike some screen recording software since it is right inside the video card software ShadowPlay will record in 1080p. ShadowPlay can also connect to your Twitch account and you can live stream your games to Twitch right through the NVIDIA GeForce software.

First before you get started using ShadowPlay you want to make sure you have an NVIDIA video card and it will need to be a newer NVIDIA card. Here are the system requirements you need to be able to use NVIDIA ShadowPlay. Here are the required video cards you will need to use the Nvidia ShadowPlay software:

shadowplay System Requirements

To check and see if your computer meets the specs you want to open up the NVIDIA GeForce Experience which should be running in the bottom tray.  To check your specs go to My Rig and the ShadowPlay tab and it will either say ready or not ready. If ShadowPlay is not able to run on your computer you will have to check and see what requirement is missing for the software to work. If ShadowPlay is able to work on your computer you want to make sure it is enabled by hitting the ShadowPlay button in the top right corner.

Here is a video that walks through ShadowPlay settings and configuring the software on your computer:

When ShadowPlay is on you can view or change the four options:

Mode deals with how the Shadow Play will work and you have 4 options you can set it to broadcast your game to Twitch after you enter your Twitch login info and then ShadowPlay will start broadcasting your game to your twitch channel. I have not tried this yet so I am not sure how well it works it since the service is still in BETA. The next mode is Manual which means you choose when to start and stop recording your game by hitting ALT-F9. Shadow mode on the other hand is where ShadowPlay is caching your game video and if after having a sweet kill or round you hit ALT-F10 and that will signal ShadowPlay to save the last 5 – 20 minutes of gameplay. The last mode is a combo of Shadow and Manual mode which means you can either manually set the recording or chose to capture gameplay after the fact.

Shadow Time has to deal with the Shadow mode and this options you set the amount of time to record when you hit the ALT-F10 key. The default is 5 minutes so once you hit ALT-F10 the previous 5 minutes of gameplay would be saved. This can go up to 20 minutes but you want to pay attention to the files size because 20 minutes would be over 6 gigs in size. Which can change depending on the Quality level chosen, I have mine set to High and that causes the large files size. You can choose from low, medium, or high preset quality or you can customize the resolution, frame rate, and bit rate yourself.

The last option is Audio and here you can choose from recording in-game audio, or mic and in-game audio, or if you want no audio at all.

The preferences button will take you to the preferences for ShadowPlay and you can choose where on screen to display the status indicator and if you are broadcasting where to show the camera. The other options are for changing any of the keyboard shortcut and where the video recordings are stored. You want to make sure you chose a location with plenty of free space so you do not run out of room.

Once you have all the settings configured all you have to do is turn on ShadowPlay, launch your video game, and then record your sweet gameplay .I hope this has helped you get NVIDIA ShadowPlay working on your computer. This is a great way to record and share your gameplay without having extra software running on your computer.