The History of Digital Storage [Infographic]

Digital Storage has taken so many changes over the many years from when computing first started to now. It is hard to think about digital storage over the years because the amount of data used by computers has changed astronomically. The specs have changed so many times over the years and they will continue to evolve as new technological improvements are made but I wonder will we always continue to need more storage space or will the change be made is physical size instead of virtual storage size.

It is very surprising how much storage space has changed over the years from Kilobytes, to Megabytes, to Gigabyte, to Terabyte, to Petabyte and beyond. As technology has improved it is has gotten cheaper to store more data which is good since we seem to require more and more data storage for our information. Here is a very cool Infographic showing the change in Digital Storage over time and how much storage costs have changed.


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