Vavo Universal Stand review

I am a fan of Kickstarter to find cool ideas to invest in and hope they can raise enough money to be able to develop the ideas into products. One of my very first Kickstarter investments was with Vavo from UDS which is a well known company that makes cell phone accessories. This Kickstarter has been a great experience with constant communication from UDS through the entire process. I have recently received my Vavo from UDS and after using it for a while I want to give my thoughts on the product.

The Vavo Kickstarter project was very successful and before ending in June of 2012 the Kickstarter had gotten 939 backers and exceeded their mark of $10,000 needed to be donated by $9,000. I think the reason the Vavo fundraising was so successful was that it looked like a great product that filled a need people had. Vavo is an ultra portable universal smart phone and smart device accessory. It has 2 simple functions, propping your device at a variety of angles and mounting your device on flat vertical surfaces for viewing purposes. As a result you can watch movies, capture steady photos, video conference, have a visual cooking aide and much, much more.

Vavo can come in White/Green or Black/Green and it is about the size of a key fob and fits easily on a key chain or in your pocket. Vavo is easy to use and can be pulled out and setup in seconds. Vavo comes in 2 pieces one is the Vavo mount itself and the other is the housing the Vavo sits in when not being used. Vavo uses a sticky material that is strong enough to hold your phone in place but it is still easy to remove when you are done using it. Vavo is a great accessory to have and because it is so small it is easy to always have it with you.

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So far with my time of receiving and using Vavo I have been very impressed with all that it can do. One of the things that I do with Vavo that I didn’t expect is sticking the Vavo to a wall or monitor and putting my phone on it as a second screen for the computer. I am definitely satisfied with the product that UDS made from the Kickstarter. I would suggest purchasing a Vavo for any Smartphone owner who wants a stand for their phone. Right now you cannot purchase a Vavo from UDS site because they are finishing fulfilling the Kickstarter order but if you are looking for a portable stand you will want to watch their site for product availability. Check below for a more information on the Kickstarter, and video showing the Vavo in use.




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