What is Leap Motion?

If you haven’t heard a new tech gadget has been getting a lot of press lately and with good reason. The Leap Motion is a new gadget that will change the way we use and interact with computers. The Leap Motion was announced at the end of 2012 and is available for purchase from their site. It is expected that the product will ship in the first quarter of 2013 so the question is what does it do and how will it affect the computer use.

So what is It?

The Leap Motion controller is a USB device that you connect to a computer and it will capture your hand gestures and movements and use them in conjunction with software on the computer to control and use your computer without touching anything. The way I think of the Leap Motion controller is like a touch screen without the touch, with the controller you can use your fingers and hands to scroll through web pages and documents or draw graphics, and make notes in the air. The Leap Motion controller will be extremely helpful when working on 3D documents and drawings because you can use gestures to change the view and make changes. The Leap Motion controller works a lot like the Kinect for XBOX 360 which uses a camera to follow your movements and use them to play video games. The big difference is that the Leap Motion controller is a lot better; the controller has a much better way of capturing movements and can use it to detect and use tiny movements on the computer. This is a big leap forward in how we interact with computers and can be used in many different fields.


What can I use it for?

So now that you know more about it the question is what you can use the Leap Motion controller for. And that is up to the user the Leap Motion controller can be used to do almost anything on the computer and the company is working with developers to create new apps that will use the Leap Motion controller. We will have to wait and see if the controller will become a widely used accessory in the computer world. The leap motion is supposedly able to work with any operating system which is surprising for and accessory usually they only work on one.  The product is becoming very popular and one computer manufacturer ASUS is bundling the Leap Motion controller with new high-end laptops and All in one pc’s.

3D Hand Modeling with Leap

3D Hand Modeling with Leap

The Leap Motion controller has been making a splash at CES 2013 and there are lots of people waiting for them to be shipped. I am among the many people who have preordered the device and I can’t wait to start using it and seeing for myself what it can do.  It hasn’t been determined whether the Leap Motion will be a success but it has several things going for it. The fact that it has so many people following the progress of the device and preordering is good. Also the manufacturer has been proactive in getting developers to make apps specifically for the motion controller. I can’t wait to get mine and I plan to write a post and maybe record a video all about my experience with it and my review of the device.

Leap Motion Controller



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