What will Google Glass mean?

Google Glass has got to be one of the most anticipated product releases in a long time for the tech industry and if you have not heard of it than you must have been living under a rock the past year. Since Google first announced their new product they have been publicizing every part of it and Google Glasses has intrigued over a large portion of Tech People. So what makes Google Glasses so different and what will happen when everyone has one? Well here are some of my thoughts on the revolutionary new tech and how it will change the industry.

I have not been lucky enough to be one of the few people to get to try on and use the Google Glass, but being an avid techie I have been following the Google Glass news, announcements, and ads. After getting more and more information about Google Glass since it was first announced, I am anxiously awaiting the release and I have many different thoughts about what will happen after it is released. If you are not sure what they are you can get more information about them check out the links below. Google glass is a product designed to change the way we interact with our phones. Instead of always taking our phones out of pocket and staring at them to get news, info, or talk to friends the Google Glass will put all that in a little window above your eye. This may seem a little crazy but it not only changes the way you get information, but it could improve the way we interact with other people.

Google Glass Mockup

Now that Google has started the Glass Explorers program which gave some people the opportunity to purchase an early version of Glass for $1500 there has been a lot more information found out about what Google Glass will be like. Google has also been working with the developer community to create apps made specifically for Google Glass. So here’s what Google Glass will come with:

  • High resolution display is the equivalent of a 25 inch high definition screen from eight feet away.

  • 5 MP Camera for Photos and 720P Video Camera

  • Bone Conduction Transducer is used for Audio

  • WiFi – 802.11b/g  and Bluetooth connectivity

  • 12 GB of usable memory, synced with Google cloud storage. 16 GB Flash total.

  • Battery life is said to be 1 full day of use unless you are recording video or using Google Hangouts then it will be less

  • Google Glass with be compatible with any Bluetooth-capable phone.

  • The MyGlass companion app requires Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher. MyGlass enables GPS and SMS messaging. MyGlass App can show what you are seeing from Glass on your Android phone

On the development side Google has shared the Glass API called Mirror which sets the guidelines for Developers when designing Glass apps or as Google calls them Glassware. This means that companies that have an app in the Play Store can work on developing apps for Glass. Some apps have already been developed including, Evernote, and WSJ specifically for Glass. Apps designed with the Mirror API will not be downloaded to your phone these apps will be installed and run from the Google Cloud on Google Glass. It will be interesting to see how this works and if there will be any noticeable lag from Glass trying to connect to the cloud. One surprising announcement by Google related to Apps on Glass is that Ads are not allowed to be run from any app running the Mirror API. This is great for users who don’t want ads popping up in front of their eyes, but is surprising since Google makes so much money from ads. We will have to wait and see if Google eventually allows ads on Glass.

Google-Glass-app overview

Soon there will be thousands of people around the US and we will get a much more information on what using Google Glass is like. I am sure there will be tons of video and reviews posted online giving inside information and tutorials on using Google Glass. One thing I am waiting to see is buying Google Glass if you wear glasses already. Google has said that eventually they will partner with eyeglass makers to allow people to have prescriptions put in Google Glass but who knows when that will start. There have been many of articles and reviews stating that Google Glass will not make social interactions better but worse because everyone will be staring at the tiny screen above their right eye. I don’t think this will be the case and anything there is new technology that is created there are always skeptics saying it won’t change society. This was true when the iPhone and other smartphones were released and man did they change a lot of things about society and interaction.

I along with many other people assumed that Google Glass would be available sometime and the end of 2013 but according to Google’s Eric Schmidt stated recently that Glass was around a year away from entering the public market. I am not sure it will take that long for Google to start selling Glass but it will allow them to have many different apps available for the device as well as most of the bugs figured out and hopefully a lower price for consumers. If you want to find more out about Glass and the early users you can search for photos taken with glass using the hashtag #throughglass. There is also a really in depth review of Glass by Journalist and Glass Explorer that talks about his experience so far and why people should not be concerned over privacy.


Google talks about the moonshot projects that can either turn into something great or fail. I think Google Glass won’t do either Glass is an awesome idea that Google actually pulled off and may a product out of. I think this will lead to a whole new surge of ideas for products and software to not only improve how we interact with tech but continue to change it. I hope that Glass will be great when it is released to the public and I look forward to all the crazy new things that Google Glass will lead to. Overall I think people should not view Glass so negatively or think it is only there to invade other people’s privacy but instead think about how it is technology there to improve your life even more. These are just some of my thoughts on the the new product and what it will lead to. Hope you found this post informative and let me know what you think about Google Glas, if you’re excited about it and if you think that you will ever buy one.

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Peter Licari

I have to tell you, I’ve been excited for the glass for a while now. I think it’s going to help me tremendously with my productivity. I’m always out and about and so I can’t be reading through all that I need for work. This will probably allow me to multitask a bit easier. Just as long as I keep watching where I’m going.

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