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Windows 10 God Mode

Microsoft has made many changes with the new Windows 10 operating system that have caused a learning curve when using Windows 10. Once such change is with the control panel and pc settings location. With Windows 10 a computer setting may be found in different places instead of everything being in the control panel. Well Windows 10 God Mode is a tweak that will make accessing your computer settings quick and easy.

When you hear the term God Mode it may make you think that it will make you computer amazing and fast. But actually Windows 10 God Mode is a cool name for creating a centralized table listing of all Windows customization options sorted by type. Now it may not sound as cool as its name but after setting up Windows 10 God Mode you will be able to access the computer settings a lot faster than the normal way.

Here is what Windows 10 God Mode looks like

Here is what Windows 10 God Mode looks like

Windows 10 God Mode is super easy to setup, I have mine on my desktop so I can access it very easily. You can put the shortcut anywhere you want on your computer. To make things easy open up Notepad so you can copy and paste the code you need to enable Windows 10 God Mode.

  1. Copy the Bold text into Notepad:


Even though this hack is called god mode, you can change the name to anything. You could call it Hacker Mode or any other cool name you can think of. To change the name just delete GodMode in the front of the code before the period and put in whatever label you would like to customize the tweak to your preference. I like God Mode so I will keep it the same. Once you have the code in Notepad and made any change you want then we will create the shortcut.

2. Right click on a blank space anywhere on the desktop and go to new – Folder.
Win10 God Mode Step2

3.  Right Click on the New Folder and choose rename.

Windows 10 God Mode Step 3
4.In the blank rename box copy the code from notepad and paste it into the folder name box.

 Windows 10 God Mode Step 4

5. Hit enter after pasting in the code to the folder rename box and the icon will change to a Control Panel icon and God Mode is now setup!

Gode Mode Shortcut

When you open the God Mode shortcut you will see a list of tons of settings you can configure for your computer. You can access any control panel settings from programs and features to windows firewall settings. The God Mode tweak will give you instant access to all your settings you for your computer. I hope this post has helped you enter God Mode and let me know how your God Mode worked in the comments down below.

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